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Syed Muhammad Bin Alsagoff

History Project '07
Syed Muhammad Bin Alsagoff
Done by : Sharifah , Vaigash, Kimberly

The Historian
Syed Mohamad Alsagoff
- played a role and contributed to the pioneering and the cultivation of Kukup and Pontian.
- was the grandson of Syed Abdul Rahman Alsagoff who was an Arab businessman from Hadramaut.

His Family
Syed Abdul Rahman
-came to Singapore with his son Syed Ahmad in 1824, a few years after Singapore was found by the British Company.
- was active in the spice trade between Malacca, Singapore and Java and also many other Indonesian islands.
- he became a rich man from the trading of spices and established a company called Alsagoff and Company in Singapore in 1848.
- traded in spices, rubber, sago, coffee, coco, pineapples and others and exported them out of the country.
- also owned many cargo ships dealing in import and export business.
- business activities and richness made him well known and respected not only among the ordinary people, but among the nobles and the rulers.
-died in Gersik, Surubaya and all his business was inherited by Syed Ahmad.

Syed Ahmad married Raja Siti , the daughter of Hajjah Fatimah Goa in Sulawesi , Indonesia. Hajjah Fatimah was also a rich business woman owning many cargo ships. Hajjah Fatimah migrated to Singapore and built her own residence at Jawa Road in Kampong Glam, Singapore.

She became not only a rich person, but a generous charity contributor. She built mosques and many houses for the poor. Until today, the Masjid Fatimah mosque in Jawa Road, Singapore still stands firmly in place.

When Hajjah Fatimah died, her business was run by her son-in-law Syed Ahmad. He became richer as he had already inherited his father's wealth, and now his mother-in-law's wealth added his richness. Syed Ahmad's marriage with Raja Siti resulted with 4 children namely Syed Muhamad, Sharifah Rogayah, Sharifah Aishah, and Sharifah Khadijah.

What He Contributed
When Syed Ahmad died in the year 1875, all family wealth was passed down to Syed Muhamad.Syed Muhamad Alsagoff was also a generous charity contributor. He contributed to built the Sekolah Arab Alsagoff, Jalan Sultan (Alsagoff Arab School) in Singapore, Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Islam Singapure (The Singapore Islam Orphanage). He also help the Aceh people to fight against the Dutch.

When He Died & Why
Syed Muhamad Alsagoff died on 31st July, 1906 at the age of 70 years old in his own house in Bukit Tunggal, Thomson Road Singapore becuase of heart disease.


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Ghadaffi Alsagoff said...

Syed Mohamed B Ahmed Alsagoff or as he is popularly known as 'nong chik' was the maternal grandson of Hajjah Fatimah.His dad,Syed Ahmed,left him to manage his businesses and estate for the benefit of him and his siblings according to Mohammaden law.He has eight sisters,Sherifa Lolo,Sherifa Noor,Sherifa Ayesha,Sherifa Raguan,Sherifa Mahani,Sherifa Kadijah,Sherifa Amina and Sherifa Safia,and no male sibling.Syed Ahmad's companies included Alsagoff & Co,Singapore Steamship Company and Straits Motor & Co.It's large estate included around 1000 acres of plantation land in Geylang Serai,Paya Lebar and Ubi,site of Raffles Hotel of which Syed Mohamed developed later on and many houses and shophouses around Jalan Sultan,North Bridge Road,Kallang Road and Jalan Besar.

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I would like to contact the Omar Bin Ali Alsagoff who attended high school in Brisbane in the 60's.


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